Mariana Martins-Costa Ferreira

Mariana Martins-Costa Ferreira

Associate with expertise in the areas of civil litigation, business, arbitration, corporate law and contracts.

Academic Background

  • Doctoral student in Commercial Law at the University of São Paulo Law School.
  • Master in Commercial Law from the University of São Paulo Law School.
  • Graduated in Law from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Academic Experience

  • Professor of postgraduate studies in Corporate Law and Business Law at Insper – Institute of Education and Research and Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV-SP).

Professional Associations

  • Representative of the Latin American Chapter of the ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (ICC YAF).
  • Coordinator of the Corporate Litigation and M&A Disputes Committee of the Brazilian Institute of Business Law (IBRADEMP).
  • Member of the OAB/SP Corporate Law Commission.
  • Member of the Private Law Institute (IDiP).
  • Member of the Institute of Cultural Studies (IEC).
  • Member of Arbitral Women.


  • Author of the book “Buy or Sell and Call and Put Options for Resolution of Corporate Impasse. São Paulo: Latin Quarter, 2018”.
  • Co-author, together with Sheila Neder Cerezetti, of the chapter “Conflicts of jurisdiction in corporate arbitration: reflections on the jurisprudence of the Superior Court of Justice” of the book “Flávio Luiz Yarshell and Guilherme Setoguti J. Pereira (Org.). Corporate Process IV. São Paulo: Latin Quarter, 2021”.
  • Co-author, together with Laura Patella, of the chapter “The regime of excess of powers of administrators of companies embodied in the Civil Code” of the book “Jorge Cesa Ferreira da Silva e Henrique Barbosa (Org.). The evolution of business and obligation law: 18 years of the Civil Code. vol. 1. São Paulo: Latin Quarter, 2021”.
  • Author of the chapter “Tribunal Arbitral” of the book “Catarina Monteiro Pires and Rui Pereira Dias. (Org.). Lusophone International Arbitration Manual Vol. I. Coimbra: Almedina, 2020”.
  • Author of the chapter “Limits to the performance of the administrator of the company undergoing judicial reorganization in the negotiation of the plan: the interface between Corporate Law and Company Law in crisis” in the book “Giovana Benetti et al (Org.). Law, Culture, Method: Readings of Judith Martins-Costa’s work. Rio de Janeiro: GZ Editora, 2019”.
  • Co-author, together with Juliana Krueger Pela, of the chapter “Challenges and perplexities in the solution of tie in companies: interference in society’s decisions by arbitration” of the book “Flávio Luiz Yarshell and Guilherme Setoguti J. Pereira (Org.). Corporate Process III. São Paulo: Latin Quarter, 2018”.
  • Co-author, together with Renata Steiner, of the article “I Northern Arbitration Congress: New Framework for the Development of Arbitration in the Northern Region of Brazil”, available in Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem, v. 60, 2018.
  • Co-author, together with Rafael Pellegrini Ribeiro, of the article “Financing alternatives for startups: equity crowdfunding and debt securities”, available in Revista Brasileira da Advocacia, v. 2, 2016.
  • Author of the chapter “Reflections on the legal regime of the Shareholders’ Agreement and its mechanisms of forced compliance” of the book “Flávio Luiz Yarshell and Guilherme Setoguti J. Pereira (Org.). Corporate Process II. São Paulo: Latin Quarter, 2015”.


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Mariana Martins-Costa Ferreira

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