Privacy Policy


Updated on April 8, 2021

The law firm Ferro, Castro Neves, Daltro & Gomide Advogados (“Firm” or “FCDG”) is committed to the security, privacy, and protection of the personal data of its partners, associates, collaborators, clients, of the users who visit its website, and of anyone whose personal data need to be processed in the course of the Firm’s activities (jointly, “Data Subjects”). This privacy policy aims to clarify how the Data Subjects’ personal data are collected, stored, used, or submitted to any other processing operation carried out by the Firm.

Careful reading of this Privacy Policy is recommended, since it describes how the personal data supplied by Data Subjects as they access and use the Firm’s website and/or the personal data collected due to the use of the legal services provided by the Firm are processed.

This Privacy Policy may be amended in view of any future change in relevant laws and/or technological innovations. It is therefore recommended that Data Subjects access this Privacy Policy from time to time, whose most current version will always be available at

  1. Personal Data Collection

1.1 In the performance of its activities, FCDG may request or obtain Data Subjects’ personal data. Essentially, FCDG only collects information supplied by Data Subjects for lawful purposes. Below are some examples of how data collection may take place:

  1. Filling in of personal details in the website contact form and/or upon granting a power of attorney to the Firm;
  2. Sending of résumé by means of the Firm’s website or institutional e-mail;
  3. Supply of data by clients, their collaborators, and/or representatives for performance of the services provided by the Firm; and
  4. Supply of personal data in events promoted by FCDG.

1.2 In the performance of its activities, FCDG may obtain personal data (i) directly from the Data Subject; (ii) from someone related to the Data Subject, always in accordance with the applicable laws; or (iii) from publicly accessible sources. Irrespective of the source of the data, they will be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Data Subjects may contact the Firm by e-mail, at

1.3 Data Subjects ensure that the data supplied are true and current, and undertake to update them in the event of any change. In addition, Data Subjects may request access to or rectification or updating of their data at any time through the contact channel informed in paragraph 5.1 of this Privacy Policy, as well as the definitive erasure of their data from FCDG’s servers, provided that, in case of erasure, Data Subjects will no longer be able to access all functionalities or the offered services.

1.4 When using the Firm’s website, Data Subjects may be redirected to other websites, not owned by the Firm. In that event, Data Subjects must consult the privacy policy of any such other websites they may visit, since FCDG does not take accountability for those other websites and contents, nor does it share, subscribe to, oversee, validate, or accept the way those other websites process Data Subjects’ personal data.

  1. Personal Data Processing

2.1 The Firm values Data Subjects’ privacy and uses the information supplied by them for the following purposes:

  1. Sending of notices and/or e-mail marketing: this channel is used to send segmented content about the services offered, such as publications we see as relevant;
  2. Provision of the legal services retained;
  3. Hiring of professionals, interns, and trainees; and
  4. Responding to requests and doubts received by means of FCDG’s website.

2.2 In order to enable and improve the offer of its services, FCDG may share personal data with third parties such as: (i) suppliers of software and other information technology for purposes of record management, documentation, and other necessary activities for the Firm’s operation; (ii) correspondent lawyers, experts, jurists, partner firms (domestic and foreign), auditors, accountants, translators, and financial institutions, in support of the provision of the legal services, on a case-by-case basis; and (iii) regulatory bodies and other authorities. Other than the cases above, FCDG will not share Data Subjects’ data with third parties, except (i) if necessary for the website to work properly; (ii) upon the User’s express authorization; or (iii) in view of a court order or another proceeding provided for by the Law.

2.3 If an order from a public authority is received requesting access to information stored by the Firm, the corresponding Data Subject may be notified in order to be able to pursue the appropriate defense measures.

2.4 Data related to clients are stored for the time necessary to satisfy the purposes for which they were collected. For legal reasons or due to court order, data may be stored for a longer period than agreed with Data Subjects.

2.5 The personal data provided may be stored in servers located abroad – such as the United States, considering the cloud services currently used by the Firm – and will only be supplied to third parties pursuant to the law and/or due to court order.

2.6 Data Subjects may at any time request access to their data and modify, rectify, update, or erase their personal data stored in FCDG’s databases or exercise any other rights set forth in Article 18 of Law no. 13,709/2018. In that case, Data Subjects may send a request by e-mail, at

III. Stored Data Security

3.1 FCDG takes the appropriate security measures for protection from unauthorized access to the stored data. In addition, the Firm limits access to the information to those persons who need it to provide the legal services or to improve our services. Those persons have a confidentiality duty and are subject to disciplinary action, including termination of their labor agreement and applicable legal action in case of breach of that obligation. FCDG cannot ensure, however, that the protection and security of the data will never be breached. In that event, the Data Subject agrees that FCDG cannot be held liable for unauthorized actions by third parties that may intercept, erase, change, modify, or tamper with personal data or other information provided by Data Subjects.

3.2 All members of the Firm who may have access to collected information are aware of its confidential nature and trained to act in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

  1. Intellectual Property

4.1 The User is aware that the trademarks, names, logos, as well as any and all content, drawing, design, or layout displayed on the Website and resulting from the use of the Services are proprietary to FCDG, except if expressly stated otherwise.

  1. Contact Channel

5.1 In case of doubts, comments, suggestions, and/or complaints, Data Subjects may contact the Firm by e-mail, at